Zombie Rolo Chocolate cake

Zombie Rolo Chocolate cake

I don’t usually do cakes in the week because I am at the studio, but I love being contacted by honeys planning surprise cakes for their friends.

I always ask for adjectives so that I can plan their spirit animal equivalent in cake form and make their days!

For this creepy (but delicious) little piece of cakedom I was asked to make a birthday munchie for a 
– Rolo-loving
– chocoholic
– who loves playing ‘The Last of Us’ (zombie) playstation game
Enter: “The Golden Hand of Us!”
Dark chocolate mud cake, vanilla Italian Buttercream, dark chocolate drip ganache with vanilla cookie zombie hand and golden candy zombie disease.

I hoped to make something a little creepy but not too gory. After all, I still wanted people to actually want to sink his teeth into it. I  had made these finger cookies for Halloween last year but wanted them to look like they were curling out of the cake so I baked them over a buttered upside-down bundt cake dish. It worked really well! The nails are almonds and I dipped the edges in red dye to make them look super zombie-esque. It was also my first time making drip ganache glaze, I learnt a lot and know what consistency is best for next time.

finger cookies dough


cookies cooked

cookies cooked wire

cookies cooked cool


crumb coat

crumb coat close up

crumb coat 2


cake and ganache


jug drip

ganache top

drip face

cookie fingers in cake close up

cookie decorate cake

boxing detail

zombie cake done

boxing up

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2 Responses to Zombie Rolo Chocolate cake

  1. Bene Katabua 10th May 2016 at 12:16 pm #

    My word, this was quite the masterpiece! I absolutely love how elegant the zombie cake looks. It really could have gone left, but you executed it so well. Gorgeous!

    • Alice 13th May 2016 at 10:27 am #

      Thanks so much Bene! I know, a zombie cake could have quickly gone ” all strawberry jam blood” very quickly and I don’t think that would have been appetizing at all! Hence, the gold zombie choc “disease instead” 😉 Gold fixes everything always !

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