Play with your food / The Lavender Mosbolletjie Kween

Play with your food / The Lavender Mosbolletjie Kween

Since the fun shoot for the BAEK poster images I did with friend and photographer Anke Loots from A House Of Leaves, and probably since I was born, I have had a very strong desire to play with my food… more specifically to treat it like clothing. Who knows were desires come from? They just arrive one day in all their quirks knocking at the door, wanting to be succumbed to. And so I did.


When my friend Dale dropped off boxes of grapes for me to play with after making those delicious lavender mosbolletjies I coaxed another innocent tea-visting friend of mine Claud into take some fun pics to collage with.

Enter Kween of the Mosbolletjies:






We were having so much fun taking silly photos. Things progressively weirder…


Until I was lying on my bedroom floor in a halo of grapes and Claudi tentatively stabilizing herself over my on a ladder…



We called it quits after that and at  the goods!


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