A Silly Carrot Cake

A Silly Carrot Cake

Sometimes you just wake up on a Sunday and get a lusciously giddy feeling to make a silly little carrot cake. I’ve been asked to make a lovely bride’s wedding cake next month, which I am extremely nervous (read: also excited) about doing. Considering the wedding cake challenge was the only Showstopper Challenge I never made it to trying on The Great South African Bake Off, I think I have my work cut out for me. I think wedding cakes are so lovely and I think they are back with naked floral’d vengeance after taking a back seat to their cupcaked counterparts. The thing is, I know cake. I know cake well. We have laughed chocolatey birthdays and spend mornings waking up with coffee together. But the thing is, I have never made a tiered cake before…ever.


I really think learning to tier will take my cake making to a new level (pun very much hopelessly intended), which is why I aim to spend the next few weekends practicing. So this very Sunday morning I start… with baby steps.


I can’t explain pin down why exactly, but I am have always had a penchant for miniature things.

Dinky toys, printer’s tray nik naks, mini dice, small roses creeping up a wall, baby shoes, bonsais, traveller’s watercolour sets, doll house architecture, hobbyist shops, @slinkachu_official ‘s Instagram, hotel soaps, sprinkles, letter-pastas, bite-sized confectionary… you name it! So it only seemed natural that my first attempt into the two-tier world be a mini one.



Here I split a carrot cake recipe I have into 4 parts; two 20 cm and two 12cm tins.

It wasn’t all that heavy so I able to easily stack them without dowels. Phew!


I also watched this adorable lady on youtube making stunningly realistic mushrooms from meringue and decided to give it a go!

Although I made this for a special meet-up with my friend that was cancelled, Grubby’s parents, whom I adore, were in town and they came for sunset tea on my little balcony with my flatmate Stephen and I. We drank tea, cut into this Autumn forest floored cake and they spoke about the difficulties and joys of living in London. I listened because I have never lived in London before but I do have a mini red telephone booth tea tin.

Recipe for cake below:

Silly Carrot Cake


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