Drake and Cake

Drake and Cake

Some days you just open your email onto “An Interesting Cake Request” and then you read the request for a chocolate-on-chocolate-on-chocolate birthday cake for a lovely lass iced with Drake lyrics and you’re like: YES LIFE!?!

And suddenly, everything makes so much sense.

I feel like I already started treading in cakes that would make rappers miss a night at the strip clurb for with my Yezzy-inspired “Gold Diggerz Cake” on the very first episode of The Great South African Bake Off. We were asked to make an inside surprise cake and duh I immediately thought of gushing treasures of glittery gold truffles.



drake cake3

(FYI: there is just over half a kilo of Belgium Geldof Chocolate melted down in this little mud cake baby





My mind is officially on a rampage with ALL the most amazing rap-inspired cakey’s. Here’ some ideas:

-a dark choc & orange Frank Ocean “Channel Orange” inspired cake

-something that would “fill mah belly” for The Notorious B.I.G.

-an entire evening of courses based on MF Doom’s Food almbum (!!)

It was only after this that my friend notified me on an entire instagram dedicated to Drake lyrics on cakes… some people are so good at being bad!


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